World Online Transactional Analysis Association

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Our plan is to list all members but to allow each to determine how much information is shown about them and who can see it. For example, we might show anyone (non-member) who visits the website and other information so visitors can find out if there are members in their own country, and/or who speak their language, or who provides training or supervision, etc.  Then, for those who join as members we might show the names, the details listed below, and the preferences for how they would like other members to contact them – this could be only through the WOTAA website or it could be directly.

If you might want to provide details, please check out the following ideas for the form we will set up – and let us know if you think anything needs to be changed or added.

We will be including a reminder here that this database is only for making contact with each other, just as you might do if you were meeting at the conference – please use the other databases if you are looking for a training programme, or to attend any conferences or one-off events.

First/calling name

Last/family name


Languages –  need to allow them to select several

TA Status – options will be General interest, Student, Student with contract, Trainee with contract, TSTA, STA, TTA, CTA, Master Practitioner, Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner – later on we may have to add more to these when we know what titles are used elsewhere.  We will also leave a space for Other and a space to add the appropriate information

TA Status Awarding Organisation – EATA, ITAA, ICTAQ, USATAA, ICTA – again we will need to add more to these plus we will provide an Other and a space to add the appropriate information

TA Field of Application – options will be Coaching, Counselling, Developmental, Educational, Organisational, Psychotherapy, Other – with a space to add the appropriate information

TA Services Provided – Supervision (indicate which awarding body e.g. ITAA, ALAT, ICTA), Psychotherapy, Counselling, Coaching  (not training because this will be included on the pages for Events/CPD or ongoing Programs).

TA Special Interests – leave blank for the member to put whatever they like – limited to 10 or 20 words

Contact preferences – tick as many as apply: anyone, same field of application, other students/trainees, other trainers/supervisors, same country, same language(s)

Contact details – members can fill in as many or as few as they wish; they only need to give details of the ways they would like others to contact them: email, telephone number(with country code), whether on zoom, Skype, teams, WhatsApp, WeChat, and any other methods available – plus Other and a space to fill in relevant details, plus website information if appropriate

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