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Welcome to the WOTAA Membership page. This page includes a database showing all of our members, so that they can be in touch with each other. You will only be seeing the database if you are already a member and have logged in – if you have not logged in already you can do so at the bottom of this page.

Our membership information is only available to our members – if you would like to join us then click here to begin your membership process. Please note that membership is free. We ask for a donation if you can give one but it can be based on the price of a cup of coffee in your own country. And we do know that some of you live in parts of the world where you cannot send money elsewhere – and some of you are in associations which have already donated on your behalf.

There are some other sources of information for non-members on this website – click here to find out what programs might be running in different languages, or here for conferences, or here for workshops, or here for details of the various TA qualifications that are available around the world.

Once you are a member, then you will be able to see the database below. We have selected some specific columns to show here and each entry has a button you can click to show more information. You can search on the options shown: name, country, languages, TA status, TA fields, TA special interests and their contact preferences – these will either be that anyone can contact them or the individual may have asked that you contact them only if you share their interests or have a specific status within the TA community.

When you click on the View button, you will see the ways in which you can contact them – email will always be provided and they may also have included phone number, website, WhatsApp, WeChat and various other ways to get in touch.

Finally, we will be highlighting our volunteer interpreter members within the database. If you would like to become a volunteer interpreter, please email us about this at [email protected].


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