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Welcome to the WOTAA list of TA workshops and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) opportunities. We are aware that there are many different TA events each year running around the world and our hope is that we can establish a database showing the various options, especially now that so much is available online. Please note that this page is intended only for stand-alone events – there are separate pages on this website for conferences and programs.

The events database below shows the information provided so far. If you are planning a TA event, please click here if you would like to add the details. There is no charge for making an entry, although we are very appreciative if event organisers, and anyone accessing this information, makes a donation towards the running costs of WOTAA.

You will see in the database below that we have selected some columns that we hope will provide you with enough initial information to know whether you want to click on the View button and find out more. We have chosen to display the start date, the organising body, the name of the event, whether it is run online, on-site or both, and the languages involved including those using interpreters.  There is also a button to click which will show you a brief description of the event.

If you then click on the View button, you will have access to whatever further information the organiser has provided: presenter names and qualifications; whether CPD certificates will be issued; organiser contact details; full date information including closing dates for bookings; and fees and discount arrangements.

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