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Qualification Profile

Main Details

Awarding Institution : ICTAQ

Qualification Name: Test Qualification Name (Title) 

Qualification Abbreviation: XYZ

Language(s): English

‘Other ‘Languages(s): Albanian

Contact Details

Name: Paul

Telephone: +447855262694

Email: [email protected]


Submission Requirements

Written Exam

Written Exam – How Many: Written Exam – How Many
Written Exam – Number Of Words: Written Exam – Number Of Words

Oral Exam

Oral Exam – How Many: Oral Exam – How Many
Oral Exam – Time Allocated (in minute): Oral Exam – Time Allocated (in minute)

Case Portfolios

Case Portfolios – How Many: Case Portfolios – How Many

Case Portfolios – Number Of Words: Case Portfolios – Number Of Words

Essays – How Many
Essays – Number Of Words: Essays – How Many

Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations – How Many: Oral Presentations – How Many
Oral Presentations – Time Allocated (in minute): Oral Presentations – Time Allocated (in minute)

Case Recordings

Case Recordings – How Many (in minutes):  Case Recordings – How Many

Case Recordings – Time Allocation (in minutes): Case Recordings – Time Allocation (in minutes)

Recording Transcripts

Recording Transcripts – How Many: Recording Transcripts – How Many


Other Submission Requirement(s): Other Submission Requirements

Other – How Many: Other Submission Requirements – How Many

Other – Number Of Words: Other Submission Requirements – Number Of WordsOther – Time Allocated (in minutes): Other Submission Requirements – Time Allocated (in minutes)

Provider Requirements

Qualification(s) of Trainers: Qualification(s) Of Trainer
‘Other’ Trainer Qualification(s): Other Trainer Qualifications

Qualification(s) of Supervisors: Other Supervisor Qualifications
‘Other’ Supervisor Qualification(s): Other Supervisor Qualifications

Qualification(s) of Assessors: Qualification(s) Of Assessor
‘Other’ Assessor Qualification(s): Other Assessor Qualifications

Hours Requirements


Pre-requisite Requirements (If applicable)
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