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Qualification Profile:

TA Master Practitioner – Advanced Diploma (TAMP)

Main Details

Awarding Institution: International Centre for TA Qualifications (ICTAQ)

Qualification Name: TA Master Practitioner – Advanced Diploma

Qualification Abbreviation: TAMP

Language(s): English

‘Other ‘Languages(s): can be any langagae with auto translation when necessary

Fields of Application: Coaching, Developmental, Psychotherapy

Associated Qualifications: hours count towards CTA master's degree via accreditation of prior learning

Submission Requirements

Case Portfolios

Case Portfolios – How Many: 1

Case Portfolios – Number Of Words: 8000


Essays – How Many: 1

Essays – Number Of Words: 4000

Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations – How Many: 1

Oral Presentations – Time Allocated (in minute): 60

Case Recordings

Case Recordings – How Many (in minutes): 3

Case Recordings – Time Allocation (in minutes): 5

Recording Transcripts

Recording Transcripts – How Many: 3


Other Submission Requirement(s): recordings and transcripts are extracts

Provider Requirements

Qualification(s) of Trainers: PTSTA, TSTA

Qualification(s) of Supervisors: PTSTA, TSTA

Qualification(s) of Assessors: PTSTA, TSTA

Hours Requirements

Professional Practice/Application hours requirement: 250

Training hours requirement: 150

Supervision hours requirement: 40


Assessment Process:

1. Continue the process of applying TA with clients and having ongoing supervision to attain the ICTAQ Certificate and Diploma 2. undertake a case study with a client in which you are acting as researcher/practitioner over a period of time (no deadlines) 3. submit an 8000 word case study accompanied by 4000 words on relevant theory (this will be assessed against the ICTAQ set of competencies (based on ITAA/EATA competencies combined across all fields of application); 4. once endorsed by your sponsor your submission is assessed by 2 other ICTAQ assessors; 5. once the written submission is passed, you present your work, along with 3 short recordings and transcripts extracted from client sessions, during a discussion with 4 ICTAQ assessors. 6. become accredited as TA Master Practitioner (with optional specialisation as Developmental, Psychotherapy or Coaching) (subject to you having attained the Diploma accreditation)

Pre-requisite Requirements(if applicable):

ICTAQ Certificate and Diploma or accreditation of prior relevant learning, practice and supervision

Contact Details

Name: Julie Hay

Email: [email protected]