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Qualification Profile:

TA Advanced Practitioner – Diploma (TAAP)

Main Details

Awarding Institution: International Centre for TA Qualifications (ICTAQ)

Qualification Name: TA Advanced Practitioner – Diploma

Qualification Abbreviation: TAAP

Language(s): English

‘Other ‘Languages(s): can be any language with auto translation when necessary

Fields of Application: Coaching, Developmental, Psychotherapy

Associated Qualifications: hours count towards CTA can be accreditation of prior learning for master's degree

Submission Requirements

Case Portfolios

Case Portfolios – How Many: 4

Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations – How Many: 1

Oral Presentations – Time Allocated (in minute): 45

Case Recordings

Case Recordings – How Many (in minutes): 1

Case Recordings – Time Allocation (in minutes): 5

Recording Transcripts

Recording Transcripts – How Many: 1


Other Submission Requirement(s): recordings and transcripts are extracts

Other – Number Of Words: no artificial word limits – you write what you need to demonstate competence

Provider Requirements

Qualification(s) of Trainers: PTSTA, TSTA, TTA

Qualification(s) of Supervisors: PTSTA, TSTA

Qualification(s) of Assessors: PTSTA, TSTA

Hours Requirements

Professional Practice/Application hours requirement: 150

Training hours requirement: 75

Supervision hours requirement: 20


Assessment Process:

1. Continue client work and supervision as for ICTAQ Certificate (you can overlap Diploma and Certificate submissions); 2. over a period of time (no deadlines) submit 4 portfolios that consist of your working documents (in your own language) (e.g. correspondence, session notes, etc), accompanied by a reflective commentary using TA terminology that describes what happened and includes some short transcripts of sessions with clients; 3. these are assessed against the ICTAQ set of competencies; 4. once endorsed by your sponsor each is assessed by 2 other ICTAQ assessors; 5. once all have passed, present your work, along with a short recording and transcript extracted from a client session, during a discussion with 2 ICTAQ assessors. 6. become accredited as TA Advanced Practitioner (with optional specialisation as Developmental, Psychotherapy or Coaching) (subject to you having attained the Certificate accreditation)

Pre-requisite Requirements(if applicable):

ICTAQ Certificate or accreditation of prior learning, practice and supervision

Contact Details

Name: Julie Hay

Email: [email protected]