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Program Profile

Institution/Centre: Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC

Program Title: Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma – leading to Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner, Master Practitioner or TA Manager, Advanced Manager, Master Manager

Program Description: A work-based, very practical programme for those wishing to develop their competence in the professional application of transactional analysis, as developers (e.g coach, counsellor, teacher, trainer, facilitator, consultant, mediator, social worker, human resource professional), as psychotherapists, or as managers. Based on attendance at interactive webinars, with occasional optional attendance at workshops, alongside professional application of the TA which is evidenced in portfolios and case studies, plus professional supervision. 3-4 years to reach Master level or CTA, although it can be spread over a longer period if necessary. Structured in the form of various modules that represent the ways in which TA is applied professionally, with a first level focus on the wide range of TA concepts, the second level extending this to consider the contextual implications, and the final level involving the presentation of a case study of a significant intervention that has been conducted as a researcher/practitioner.

Program Format: Online only

Program Languages: English

Contact Name: Julie Hay

Contact Telephone: Not set

Contact Email: [email protected]


Interpretation Availability: Yes

Translation Languages Available: Chinese, Japanese, Russian

Trainer(s)/Supervisor(s) Names and Qualifications: Julie Hay TSTA Counselling, Organisational, Psychotherapy, Educational

TA Qualification Options: EATA – Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA), ITAA – Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA), ICTAQ – Advanced TA Practitioner, ICTAQ – TA Practitioner, ICTAQ – Master TA Practitioner

Associated Non-TA Qualification Options: option (worldwide) of master's degree from UK university

Program Schedule & Dates

Span across months: from September to June

Latest Booking: Not set 

Rolling Programme: Yes 

Time Zone: GMT 

Session Time: Fridays 1500-1800 – 2 per month Saturday 0900-1200, 1230-1530 – 1 per month contact us for different schedules for Chinese, Japanese, Russian – with interpreters 

Session Frequency: Other 

Total Attendance Required: 120 hours. Requirements only to meet qualifications; can spread over longer if you need to


Currency: GBP

Discount Arrangements: NUMBEO Purchasing Power discounts applied

Session, Monthly or Block/Annual fee: £60 per webinar; £100, £150, £190 for 2, 3 or 4 webinars in same month.